Introduction to GileadMD Patient Records


A demo of the GileadMD platform features

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What Will I Learn?

  • Features available as an admin user
  • Features available as a provider
  • Features available when viewing or updating patient charts
  • Features available when adding data to dental charts


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This course gives a breakdown of the features available to you on the GileadMD platform. It gives a breakdown from the perspective of the admin user, the provider user, when pulling up and updating patients charts, scheduling a patient, and adding information to the dental chart.

Curriculum For This Course

Welcome To GileadMD Patient Records
1 Topic

GileadMD Platform Demo

Admin Users
1 Topic

GileadMD Admin User Demo

Provider Users
1 Topic

GileadMD Provider User Demo

Patient Charting
1 Topic

GileadMD Patient Charting Demo

Patient Scheduling
1 Topic

Patient Scheduling Demo

Dental Patient Charting
1 Topic

Dental Patient Chart

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