Making Sense Of Your Dollars:


Four Steps For Successful Financial Planning

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What Will I Learn?

  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Set Financial Goals
  • Determine whether or not college is the right path for them
  • Pay for college without using loans
  • Understand how Credit Reports and Credit Scores work
  • Build and maintain good credit
  • Start Saving for retirement early on
  • Understand how Interest Rates are determined
  • Stay Debt Free


  • A basic understanding of English (listening & writing)


Failure to plan is planning to fail. Same goes for your finances. This course outlines four critical steps for successful financial planning: 1. Setting Financial Goals 2. Defining a framework for achieving your financial goals 3. Adding detailed strategies to the frameworks of your financial goals 4. Holding yourself accountable. Check out our lessons on a variety of subjects such as credit cards, interest rates, creating a budget, and banking to learn more.

Curriculum For This Course

Step 1: Set Financial Goals
2 Topics

Course Introduction

Defining Your Financial Goals

Step 2: Set A Framework For Achieving Your Financial Goals
1 Topic

How To Build A Framework For Each Of Your Financial Goals

Step 3: Add A Detailed Strategy To Each Of Your Financial Goal’s Framework
9 Topics

Getting A Job

Opening Bank Accounts

Creating A Budget

Paying for College & Alternatives To College

Staying Debt Free Part A - Paying Off Student Loans

Staying Debt Free Part B - Types Of Interest

Staying Debt Free Part C - Credit Scores & Credit Reports

Staying Debt Free Part D - Credit Cards

25 Tips For Maximizing Your Savings & Income

Step 4: Hold Yourself Accountable
1 Topic

Being A Good Steward

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This course is just what I needed, it covers everything a young adult needs to know about personal finance! 100% recommend

almost 2 years ago