Stock Market Investing 101:


Building A Stock Investment Portfolio From Scratch

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  • 5 Chapters

What Will I Learn?

  • What Stocks/Shares are, as well as the various types
  • What a stock exchange is
  • How to evaluate stocks and make stock purchases
  • How to track your stock holding and when to buy or sell
  • How to build a stock portfolio from scratch.


  • Moderate understanding of English


In this course, we will describe stocks, stock exchanges, how to evaluate stocks and make purchases, tracking your stock holdings and when to buy or sell. We begin from an assumption of no prior knowledge on the subject and by the end of the course, you will have your own portfolio and will be able to perform core functions with confidence. Let's get started making your money work for you and not just the other way round! !!!!

Curriculum For This Course

1. Course Introduction
1 Topic

Stock Investment 101: Course Intro

2. Stocks And Stock Exchanges
2 Topics

What Are Stocks Or Shares?

What Is A Stock Exchange?

3. Picking & Purchasing Stock Investments
3 Topics

A) Picking Stocks Intelligently

B) Picking Stocks Intelligently - Analyzing Individual Stock

How To Actually Make A Stock Purchase

4. Monitoring And Tracking Your Stock Holdings
2 Topics

How Do I Track And Monitor My Stocks?

Free Stock Tracker - Yahoo! Finance Demo

5. Long-term Management Of Your Portfolio
1 Topic

When Do I Buy Or Sell Stocks

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