Student debt

How To Get Paid To Go To College

Nate Thoreson, a 2019 North Dakota State University Grad finished college with 0 debt. He wasn't an athlete, his education wasn't bought and paid for by his parents, he was diligent enough to extensively apply for several scholarships, all of which resulted in him being paid to go to school. 

According to NerdWallet, total U.S student loan debt is now at $1.6 Trillion, with 2018 grads owing $29,200 on average. Of a total of 43million borrowers of federal loans, 18.6 million borrowers are in repaying their debt, 3.4 million have deferred it, 2.7 million borrowers have loans in forbearance, and 5.2 million have loans in default. 

To put it into perspective, student loan debt has been rising for 18 consecutive years, and borrowing has doubled in just the last 8 years. At Learn Or Teach, we have partnered with Nate Thoreson to combat this crisis. Nate has put together a summary of the strategies he used to beat the system at it's own game. Not only did he graduate with no debt, he was actually on the other end of the scale, better than a full ride. He earned money from his scholarships, or as he puts it, got paid to go to school.

To find out how you also can apply for scholarships and take charge of your financial future, check out Nate course HERE

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