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Introducing Learn Or Teach: An LMS That Is Redefining How We Learn

In 1893, a group of ten US education leaders, known today as "The Committee of Ten", reimagined schooling, changed it from disparate school houses to a standardized factory model that taught the same subjects, the same way, with no creative deviation whatsoever. Their vision was timed perfectly for the industrial revolution that would follow, the standardized education pipeline fed workers primed for a lifetime of performing routine tasks on the assembly line. The result? Well, real GDP per capita rose from $3,500 to $23,000 in 20th century, thus, creating perhaps the American economy's main engine, the mighty middle class.

Fast forward to today, machine intelligence is wiping out human jobs at a record pace, creating a future in which even our food could go from farm to table without having contact with any human hands. Are we educating our students and upskilling our employees with the competencies that put them in competition with machine intelligence or that enable them to leverage machine intelligence? Are standardized tests in our schools measuring skills that are easy for them to measure vs skills that prepare learners for the 21st century? Like Albert Einstein once said, "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."

We at Learn Or Teach have refused to remain on the sidelines, we will no longer allow our schools and businesses to force an old shoe on a learner's foot that's grown twice in size. We have created the world's first project based learning LMS that connects learners with experiential learning opportunities. Our custom built social learning tools include a discussion board that facilitates conceptual debates, a projects blog for sharing created projects and an experiences blog for sharing and connecting with experiential learning opportunities. Educators with expertise in any discipline can create content and sell it, while sharing a percentage of total sales with us. Academic and non-academic organizations can not only conduct e-commerce course sales, but can also get custom domains and personalization features for internal student or employee training. At Learn Or Teach, we believe that remarkable things happen when learners learn practically and with agency, instead of painting by numbers. Join us at https://www.learnorteach.com as we Redefine How We Learn!

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